You had to be there..

Here or There

I looked out the window
Plastic fogged and scratched
Worn. like my strung out shell
Holding on and pushing through
One day and one day and one day at a time
The tiny lights below, steady and constant
Telling me a Story only I could hear
Colored and tried, happy but tired
And far off I could see like a dance
The clouds lighting up
Long and short and long again
Talking to each other in little bouts
Light and expression
Filling up the clouds
Random place but with such purpose
I saw them on and on, no sleep
Did you know the people underneath?
Making a point, proving a thought
I felt the night come alive
As we slowly moved away I knew
Whispers only in my mind
The world is so large and my brain sighed
A storm off in the distance
Just barely I could see it
But tonight I am by your side
My heart never so far as the eye